FAQ - Quastions

FAQ - you usually ask Below are the answers we have prepared for the most frequently asked questions regarding shopping in our store.

How to check the status of order ?


We will send you information about the progress of your order to your email address. In addition, after logging into your account you will have access to all information about your current and already completed orders: status, content, addresses, etc.

How long will a wait for the parcel?


Immediately after you place an order, you will receive an email with the link that you need to click to confirm the order - then we start the process of its implementation. Your email address will be updated on the current status of your order.

Date of receipt of the package = date of dispatch + delivery time


The date of delivery results from the availability of products and the chosen method of payment, while the delivery time depends on the form of delivery chosen by you.

What are the delivery methods?

For a Europe delivery there is one  of the delivery methods:  

        DPD -delivery company,

How much will I pay for the parcel?

For the Europe there is one cost 60 PLN for all parcels