Cuvette covered with filter


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Size:  56 x 39 x 38,5 cm

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cuvette filter

cuvette sealed in modern, fresh color, with the door in the form of a flap, light and quick cleaning, the activated carbon filter

Savic Nestor cuvette with a great tray, ensure that the odor is not getting anywhere. Because of its size cuvette perfectly suited for cats załatwiających standing up.

Two-color cover with integrated handle is attached to the tray by means of two colors that match the clips

In order to facilitate cleaning of the lid with the swinging door can be removed. The cover has supplied an active carbon filter which retains odor. It is worth remembering regular exchange of filters in the litter box, so that you can save yourself unpleasant odors.

Cuvette Nestor is the perfect cuvette for young cats and those who are afraid or have a problem with getting used to the indoor cell. Just at the beginning leave the door open, so your cat alone to adjust to a new cuvette.

High tray can also be used as a tray open.

Savic Nestor cuvette at a glance:

  • Color: white with a sharp light green, pink or gray finely
  • High tray
  • sealed
  • The door is hinged
  • Swing door of a transparent material
  • integrated in the lid handle
  • 1 active carbon filter included in the kit
  • Made in Belgium
  • Dimensions:
    • Total: l. X w. X H .: 56 x 39 x 38.5 cm
    • Base: l. W .: x 45 x 29 cm
    • tray within approx. L. W x. X H .: 50 x 34 x 12-25 cm
    • Input: W. H .: x 21 x 20 cm
    • Entrance height: 14 cm


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Cuvette covered with filter

Cuvette covered with filter

Size:  56 x 39 x 38,5 cm


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