Anti Bark Collar for dog


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Size: adjustable : 20-40 cm (stretchy material - up to 65cm).

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Stop barking dog collar

collar against  dog barking  and howling.
The use of ultrasound and intelligent barking dog and howling is restricted.
The dog collar should be set up in such a way that the device was on the dog's throat. When it starts to bark or howl vibrations of the larynx will launch the device. With this dog will not be accidentally rebuked by the collar, barking when other animal.
collar off as soon as the dog stops barking. Emitted ultrasounds are safe for the animal. The dog will be taught that the collar is activated only when the barking.
The system allows you to set the sensitivity of the device to the barking (buttons LOW and HIGH) and a range of emitted sound (AUDIBLE - audible to the human and ULTRASONIC- - inaudible) and the enable and disable the sensor.
collar circuit is adjusted 20-40 cm (made of elastic material - it can be stretched to 65cm).


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Anti Bark Collar for dog

Anti Bark Collar for dog

Size: adjustable : 20-40 cm (stretchy material - up to 65cm).


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