Safety Harness Julius-K9 XL

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Color: red

Size: XL 

Material: poliester

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Safety Harness Julius-K9 Power Red, XL

original black straps Julius-K9! These robust and durable braces have been developed as a professional accessory for emergency and police dogs

Harness Julius-K9 were originally intended for Austrian police dogs and fire engines. Have been tested in practice, on the occasion of many rescue missions (eg. After the earthquake).

The upper surface of the harness is made of a strong, scratch-resistant and water-repellent polyester, so the suspenders are ideal for dogs, which occupy much on the nature

From the bottom are made of eco-TeX - a breathable skin-friendly cotton. With the stepless, adjustable straps on the chest and hip, shoulder straps are always perfectly aligned.

braces are on both sides of the special place where rzepom can be secured by glowing in the dark elements (e.g.,. Dog's name). Normally there is a logo Julius-K9. Braces have reflective strips that enhance the visibility of the dog at night, for example. On the road. The belt on the chest sizes of 0 to 2 has reflective stripes and the sizes Mini Mini Mini - special reflective threads.

On the back of the harness is a ring of steel INOX®, which can attach a leash. With this dog leads more easily than in the case of attaching the collar. In addition, they also have a special harness, closed on a leash handle (with the exception of the size of the baby), with which you can raise a dog or a tighter hold it for a moment. With rzepom handle can be attached (shut) so as not to interfere with the dog in running when it is drained from the leash.

Advantages harness Julius-K9 Power:

  • waterproof, scratch-resistant polyester
  • lining eco-TeX (production German)
  • ring INOX® on the rear portion (German production)
  • optional field logo
  • reflective stripes on the bib
  • Infinitely adjustable chest and abdomen

    Sizechest circumferencewidth of the stripWeighthandle
    L71 - 96 cm50 mm28 - 40 kgso

    Remember to always handle was closed when the dog runs slowly


XS cm cm cmrasa 1, rasa 2, rasa 3, rasa 4, rasa 5
S cm cm cmrasa 1, rasa 2, rasa 3, rasa 4, rasa 5
M cm cm cmrasa 1, rasa 2, rasa 3, rasa 4, rasa 5
L cm cm cmrasa 1, rasa 2, rasa 3, rasa 4, rasa 5
XL cm cm cmrasa 1, rasa 2, rasa 3, rasa 4, rasa 5
XXL cm cm cmrasa 1, rasa 2, rasa 3, rasa 4, rasa 5

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Safety Harness Julius-K9 XL

Safety Harness Julius-K9 XL

Color: red

Size: XL 

Material: poliester


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