Transport cage dog, large XL


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Size: 109 x 69 x 75 cm

Material: ocynkowany metal

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Przeznaczeniefor dogs

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Dog cage for the transport of large

Foldable frame for transport dogs, galvanized metal with a removable bottom, two doors that allow convenient access and output, practical handle

When choosing a transport cage Double Door, you give your pet a the best - comfort and safety while driving. Assembly and disassembly takes only a few moments - frame is foldable and easy to clean her bottom, pulled out. Dog owners often take their car trip tetrapods

One of the most popular ways of safely carrying a dog cage transport or transporter. This protects not only the animal, but the driver, eg. Sudden braking or other unpredictable events. Sometimes the same animal can cause serious injury if it is not carried in an appropriate manner. Selecting conveyor, pay special attention to its quality and stability. Double Doorto transport cage a cage which has two doors (front and side) and allows the dog comfortable entry and exit. Because the spacing grille is 4 cm, the animal can observe the surroundings and does not feel isolated. In this way, the owner and passengers have continuous contact with the dog, and he is safe. Double Door Transport Cage has pulled out the bottom. As a result, we can easily clean it or put inside the pillow. The cage is light and has two metal brackets and the plastic handle to carry - this facilitates the transfer conveyor. Double Door Transport Cage is not only convenient, but also saves space because the frame is folded. If your dog does not use it at the moment, you can hide it. After folding, you can hide it in the closet or the trunk. Relaxation? Nap? Double Transport Cage Doorto ideal resting place for your dog! This is a product that will serve you and your pet for a long time!

Double Door Transport Cage at a glance:

  • Convenient transport cage of galvanized metal for dogs, ideal for when traveling in a car
  • It has two doors which allow convenient entry and exit
  • extendable base (3 cm)
  • Foldable - saves space
  • Comfortable handles
  • Color: Gray
  • available in various sizes

Table Size:

depth. x w. x H.
Front doorSide door ofmetal door latchThe spacing between the rodsThe thickness of the rodsFolded size
length. x w. x H.
63 x 55 x 61 cm26 x 36 cm35 x 32 cm14 cm4.2 / 3.6 / 2.5 mm66 x 58 x 8 cm
78 x 55 x 61 cm34 x 43 cm35 x 39 cm24 cm4.2 / 3.6 / 2.5 mm79 x 56 x 8 cm
89 x 60 x 66 cm49 x 42 cm42 x 45 cm24 cm4.2 / 3.6 / 2.5 mm94 x 63 x 8 cm
109 x 69 x 75 cm52 x 60 cm50 x 56 cm24 cm4.2 / 3.6 / 2.7 mm112 x 72 x 8 cm
118 x 78 x 84 cm64 x 64 cm64 x 64 cm34 cm4.2 / 3.8 / 3 mm118 x 79 x 8 cm

Recommended: For greater safety and comfort of your pet and offer a comfortable soft pillows perfectly matching the transport cage.


XScmcmcmrasa 1, rasa 2, rasa 3, rasa 4, rasa 5
Scmcmcmrasa 1, rasa 2, rasa 3, rasa 4, rasa 5
Mcmcmcmrasa 1, rasa 2, rasa 3, rasa 4, rasa 5
Lcmcmcmrasa 1, rasa 2, rasa 3, rasa 4, rasa 5
XLcmcmcmrasa 1, rasa 2, rasa 3, rasa 4, rasa 5
XXLcmcmcmrasa 1, rasa 2, rasa 3, rasa 4, rasa 5

How to measure your dog / cat?

How to measure your dog / cat?


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Klatka transportowa dla dużego psa

Klatka może i trochę droga, ale jakość i stopień zabezpieczenia są adekwatne do ceny, więc warto! Mój pies jest zadowolony, spokojny w czasie jazdy. Jest mu wygodnie, a to najważniejsze! Dlatego bardzo polecam!

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    Transport cage dog, large XL

    Transport cage dog, large XL

    Size: 109 x 69 x 75 cm

    Material: ocynkowany metal

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